• 83 million people

    83 million people

    use internet in Russia at least once a month

We promote European companies in the Russian-speaking internet

We specialize in internet advertising and currently we don’t manage other marketing channels. Why? Because Runet is one of the few very well developed economic areas in Russia. 66% of Russians use the Internet and 43% shops online. While doing so, one in four Russians uses electronic payment systems.

Advertising on the Russian Web is the most effective way of reaching potential clients in Eastern countries. To achieve this we apply SEO on Yandex & Google, Content Marketing, along with advertising on Yandex.Direct & AdWords, and Social Media Marketing on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki & Facebook.

What do we use to find your clients?

SEO in RunetPPC in YandexSocial Media Marketing in RussiaCopywriting and TranslationAuditing and consulting

According to statistics, 62% of Runet users begin surfing the Web by submitting a query in a search engine. People search for information, as well as, products and services. Many representatives of Russian companies find business associates on the Web. Search Engine Optimization is a process aimed at improving web page content, its structure and source code, in order to achieve the best results and obtain the highest position for chosen keywords on a search engine results page.

Therefore, we are ready to translate the content of your web page and position it among the highest ranking search results. So, the Russian users can locate your web page through universally used search engines – Yandex and Google, and in turn become your new clients…

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Yandex – the largest Russian web service and search engine. It is the leader when it comes to the number of consumers in Russian-speaking countries. Yandex like Google sells advertising space within its search results. Its advertising tool is called Yandex.Direct. Ads are displayed above or below the search results page.

If you decide to advertise by means of Yandex.Direct, users will be able to see your ad on other subject related sites in Runet. Yandex has its own Advertising Network, which is the biggest one in Runet…

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Statistics show that Russians are the most active social media users: 89% of Russian internet users have social network accounts, 49% of them spend 5 to 10 hours a month on social networking, whereas 23% — 20 hours or more.

The most popular social networks in Russia:

Vkontakte (VK.com): 70 mln users daily

Odnoklassniki (OK.ru) – 42,6 mln

Moj Mir – 30,6 mln

Facebook – 25,4 mln…

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The content of your website is an important tool in communication between your company and potential consumers. High quality copywriting can enhance brand loyalty and encourage visitors to become your customers.

All our copywriters have only first rate marketing texts in their portfolios, whereas our translators have the appropriate skills. Furthermore, our employees verify all content and work at it until perfect…

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Many European companies turn to us knowing that we hold unique experience in promoting Russian and European ad campaigns on Runet in addition to having reliable business associates in Russia, the Ukraine, and Belarus. Together we are ready for every challenge and can use any available promotional product for every ad campaign.

We are often asked to analyse marketing perspectives — we assess the level of interest a product will attract on Runet. We also assist in creating a marketing strategy when introducing a brand to the Russian market. We answer questions regarding the technical aspects of optimizing a website, launching electronic payment systems available in Russia…

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Companies we support on Eastern markets:

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  • Bonprix
  • Infoshare
  • Wyższe Szkoły Bankowe
  • Docplanner.com