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in Russia & CIS

What we do

We establish communication between international brands and Eastern European customers

A Few Words About Us

Our team members gained experience in Russian and Polish agencies and then in 2013 we realized we're good enough to start our own — DaCompany.

We are based in Poland and fully focused on the Russian-speaking internet. We help our clients to create marketing strategies and implement them with social media, content creation and communication with their potential customers.


We've learned how to create content, which Russian-speaking users love to consume and share with each other.


Consumers' attention nowadays is focused on social networks and messengers. We communicate where it is convenient for them.


Among the variety of advertising tools, we use those that have the greatest impact on target audience.


Our clients' brands are in safe hands. We see everything that's happening around it and track the effectiveness of each marketing activity.

  • Workbox has been working with DaCompany and Konstantin Kanin since 2012. They've helped us on dozens of projects for US-based clients - specifically for advanced SEO and analytics on the Google and Bing platforms. I highly recommend Konstantin and his team. They are reliable, honest, good communicators and, most importantly, very good at what they do!

    – Eric Weidner

    CEO at
  • I had the pleasure of working with DaCompany in regard to our expansion in the Russian market. When talking about SEM – Konstantin Kanin is a pro. He also has a unique knowledge about Yandex, which is really rare, if you’re looking for a specialist in this part of Europe. DaCompany always delivered us the highest grade services (and we weren’t the easiest client to work with, that’s for sure).

    – Krystian Włodarczyk

    Inbound Pro, SEO/SEM Specialist, Online Marketing & SaaS Expert,
  • DaCompany helped us to launch our Russian service, after what he helped us with many more small projects. Konstantin is one of the best specialist on Eastern-European SEO I know, and subcontractor you can rely on.
    I can really recommend working with DaCompany, not only in SEO cases, but also in Social Media and Digital Marketing projects.

    – Agnieszka Prokopiuk

    SEO Manager at

Our Core Expertise

We create new customer touchpoints for our clients, using all the tools available on the Russian market

  • Marketing communication strategy

    It is the link between company's business objectives and any activities on social media. We create a coherent story, and regulate every step that we take.

  • Content creation

    Only native speakers work on the content creation. We know how to capture the attention of a potential customer using text, graphic and video in the context of any platform.

  • Social media marketing & Community management

    Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki are the leading social networks. Having the same mentality as local users, we are able to create loyal fan community for our clients.

  • Messengers marketing & communication

    Presence in a messenger doesn't mean only private chats. Sharing content on Viber and Telegram's channels gives us a new powerful customer touchpoint.

  • Influencer marketing

    Customers' trust is priceless. We help our clients to establish honest and beneficial relationship with local influencers, that love and appreciate their audience.

  • Display advertising

    It is essential to increase brand recognition in a new market. We deliver our clients' message to those platforms, where the customers' attention is focused.

  • Search engine advertising

    We get maximum reach and engagement for brand's offers by having the highest visibility on both Yandex and Google organic and paid search results.

  • Brand monitoring & Analytics

    We know everything that happens to a brand online. Monitoring software reacts immediately, we engage right away. Every penny invested in marketing works for our clients.

Our Blog

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